Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Patches are ordered

Ordered the first 100, 9 inch logo patches for the vests. I will be selling them along with a Member's Patch via email at $20 for the pair, plus $7 for shipping. Inquire about International shipping costs. The LoneWolf Patches will take between 2-3 weeks to be delivered to your's truly.

Charter crew and members can purchase motorcycle vests here.

Image of Logo Patch to follow.


  1. holy shit did i feel gay clicking that vest link. that's some picture.

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  3. so you see a half naked guy on this site, big deal at least you save some $ on a vest. lol

  4. That's the trick Ziggy...Rob wants to be gay with you.

  5. He heard about how well you give head.

  6. really? you don't have enough social networks to post this kind of shit that you have to post it here too!

  7. Wait...Robby...baby...you want...somebody else...in our...special way...snif...?


  8. this was actually on that site under the pictures

    "18 out of 18 people found the following review helpful:

    January 05, 2008
    William Christopher from Modesto, CA
    You'd never know it by looking at the totally gay picture (come on people, you know you wanted to say it too), but this is a great vest. Way better quality than I expected. Very soft, high quality leather with top grade button snaps. I think I am going to be doing a lot of business with this company... regardless of their ridiculous choice in pictures."
    is that where you guys got your idea to bust on a direct link to a cheap vest? Otherwise you can walk your art-geek asses into a motorcycle shop and ask Big Mike to help fit you for a vest, and no it's not because you are in a motorcycle gang, but you still want a vest. I'm sure they won't call you gay! or you could just order from the internet...remember gay is in the eye of the beholder!